Fast Wednesdays: Week of August 6, 2014 – “Year of Expectation: Challenge/Update”

Greetings Beloved!

This year was declared the YEAR OF EXPECTATION at my church when it began in January. I think I have shared with you previously on the topic. So, over the past couple of weeks I was thinking now that I/we have reached our third trimester and we’re in the home stretch of our pregnancy how is it going? We only have a few more weeks to go before “giving spiritual birth” but we are in a stage of pregnancy that can be the most challenging.

Furthermore, as we enter the 8th month of 2014, many have declared new beginnings and God doing new things. Apostle Michael Dinsmore, whom I follow on Facebook and attended his church occasionally when I lived in Stamford, said on August 1:  “I heard the Lord clearly say instead of expecting something new from God, let’s give him a new level of worship, praise, and commitment and watch it produce the new things we are believing God to do in our lives….Glory !!!

Also, the following information on the subject of spiritual birthing is from an article I found that fits right in with our theme and I could not say it better from Jennifer LeClaire :

“Let’s get real. Birthing anything, from a baby to a ministry to a business, is hard work. It changes your life. It forces you to get more disciplined. It challenges you to go deeper in God to find the grace you need to meet with the spiritual stretching you will no doubt experience. Indeed, birthing new things demands many adjustments. That’s why so many people have aborted the call of God on their lives. It’s not that they couldn’t yield to the Spirit of God and work with Him to birth something new. It’s that they were not willing.

I know many of you are like me and believing God is birthing new things this year – and He needs people who are like Mary, willing and obedient to allow the Lord to do what He pleases for His glory. Notice I say for His glory. Mary gave birth to Jesus not for herself, but so the sin of the world could be taken away. Whatever the Lord chooses to birth through us – a song, a book, or an entire ministry – remember that it’s not about you. It’s about the people who need what you are carrying. You aren’t carrying the Savior of the world, but you may very well be carrying something that will save people a lot of pain, bring people greater understanding of God’s Word, or give people the hope of fulfilling their purpose and destiny in Christ. Isn’t it worth it?”

With this information in mind then, I am challenging you/us  to do something new in our personal relationships with God.  I began my own personal “thing” last Friday and I have seen tremendous results already with tons more to come, I am sure, and pray with me for my obedience!

For those of you with no time to search, here is link to a challenge Joyce Meyers has going on: Are you studying the Bible or just reading it? God doesn’t want us to just skim His Word…He wants us to meditate on it…to allow it to change us from the inside out. That’s why I’m issuing this challenge: to study God’s Word for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. I’m confident this will help you develop a habit of studying the Bible and discover the impact it can make on your life. Give God 30 days and see what happens.

Or find something you like or are lead to by the Holy Spirit and give it a try…you never know, it just might be exactly what you need for such a time as this.

Scripture:  Jeremiah 18:1-6 Contemporary English Version (CEV) Jeremiah Goes to the Pottery Shop 18 The Lord told me, “Go to the pottery shop, and when you get there, I will tell you what to say to the people.” I went there and saw the potter making clay pots on his pottery wheel. And whenever the clay would not take the shape he wanted, he would change his mind and form it into some other shape. Then the Lord told me to say: People of Israel, I, the Lord, have power over you, just as a potter has power over clay.



Lord you are the Pottery, I am the Clay – Norman Hutchins

Prayer (Back to School):

Dear God, Thank you for the gift of children. Please watch over all of our students (adult, college, high school, junior high, middle, elementary, kindergarten, pre-k, etc). as they go back to school this year. Keep them safe every day. Help them to remember that you are right there with them in the halls and classrooms. Help them soak up good knowledge and to dismiss any negative or worldly messages they may hear. Help them to treat others with kindness and respect, and to guard their hearts with the armor of Your Word. Give them joy and peace as they put their trust in you. Bless all the principals, administrators, secretaries and other staff, teachers, teacher aids and assistants, janitors and maintenance cleaners, nurses, doctors, coaches, cafeteria workers, and all others whom they come in contact with in anyway.  Amen.

Love, Joy and Peace, 
Debra J. Ellis

Reminder AND/OR for those of you just joining us: The purpose of Fast Wednesdays is to draw near to God on this specific day of the week fasting and praying in whatever manner the Holy Spirit is leading you as sisters (and some brothers) in Christ…some have fasted from social media, coffee, or observed a traditional fast with no eating from sunrise to sunset with only liquids for the day, no deserts, etc. I know many of us, for various reasons, participate every week but in different manners. This has still been beneficial and the blog continues to grow!

The key ingredient is that we are doing this together as sisters, of all ages, in the Lord, both chronologically and spiritually in accordance to: A God-Filled Life Titus 2:3-5 “Guide older women into lives of reverence so they end up as neither gossips nor drunks, but models of goodness. By looking at them, the younger women will know how to love their husbands and children, be virtuous and pure, keep a good house, be good wives. We don’t want anyone looking down on God’s Message because of their behavior.”  Note: Please share Fast Wednesdays with your friends and/or send me names to add to the distribution list. For now, I will post in three places: email (, Facebook (Debra Fuller Ellis) and blog in Word Press:

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